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Who we are?

Better Empathy Towards Animals (BETA), our vision, our mission and our dream. We are BETA, the leading volunteer run union of organisation for animal welfare in Serbia.

When people from different walks of life come together with the same underlining passion, intense love for animals and a strong determination to be the carriers of change, success is inevitable. BETA was founded in 2010 and since then has spread across the length and breadth of the country and continues to thrive on its mission. Although Serbia has its fair share of problems, entangled with international propaganda, stray animals are alike everywhere and we continue to seek a safer and more responsible attitude towards them in our society.

Since inception, our teams has found homes for over 2000 stray animals and has stopped further reproduction of over 2500 street dogs and cats through clinical neutering. A lot has been achieved during these years, but our struggle continues. We currently operate through our three autonomous sister organizations in Belgrade, Zaječar and Knjaževac. We are thoroughly engaged in cooperating with competent authorities and institutions in Serbia. Our main activities include:

  • Rescuing stray animals and finding shelter;
  • Providing necessary medical care for rescued animals by authorised vets;
  • Rigorously encourage adoption of pets and providing delivery;
  • Education of our citizens for responsible pet ownership;
  • Encouraging research and development of animal rights in Serbia;
  • Organisation and participation in promotional events for animal welfare;
  • Active involvement in reduction of street cats and dogs by spay neutering, and much more.

Belgrade team

As the biggest city and the capital of Serbia, behind the flora and fauna it is unfortunately also home to the largest population of stray animals. Our Belgrade branch thrives in a very complicated environment.

Knjazevac team

A vibrant city in South-East Serbia, where our team seeks new ways for educating residents on animal welfare and responsible ownership. Low level of awareness among the people makes our job a struggle and rather challenging.

Zajecar team

Our first established organization operates in the administrative centre of Eastern Serbia, constantly catering to a large scale problem of mass growth of newly abandoned animals along with the rest of the activities.

These are the most important needs of our organization.

Paid shelters

Very few cities in Serbia have shelters for stray animals. A large number of them that are rescued by us are fostered in paid pensions or temporary shelters, until they are adopted. These must be paid monthly and if we can't pay the monthly fees, the animals are usually returned to the streets as the local authorities do not care.

Transport Vehicles

Prompt response is important to our daily activities and as such we use our registered vehicles to provide the necessary assistance. However, our vehicles are in a shocking state after being regularly used for over 15 years for constant animal transport. Sufficient funds would help us to provide new vehicles, thereby increasing our efficiency.

Food and equipment

All the rescued animals are fed every day in our temporary shelters. Their diet varies according to the size of the animal, but a lot of them require large quantities of food as they are usually aged animals that were abandoned on the streets. Hence, regular supply of dog food, cat food, other dietary requirements and equipment is essential.

Veterinary bills

Authorised vets cater to the medical needs of rescued animals. Vet bills are by far the largest part of our budget and also a huge area of concern. Funds are spent on the treatment of thousands of rescued animals. Major costs include spaying and neutering of stray animals, vaccinations, medicaments and veterinary operations which are performed on a regular basis.

Spay & neutering funds

Spay/Neutering is an effective method of population control of stray animals. Constant growth of newly abandoned animals requires measures for them to be spayed or neutered promptly so that there isn't a second generation of stray animals on the streets. It also prevents packs of abandoned animals chasing female dogs.

Volunteers & Training

As a volunteer run organisation, we are always on the lookout for volunteers who can then be trained appropriately to join our team. Our team consists of people from all walks of life with a passion to help animals and these people not only work on the field with animals, but also carry out a vast array of tasks, such as social media marketing and management.

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